Alt Summin (Stary Summin), Kreis Tuchel, West Prussia

Alt Summin (Old Summin) was one of many small villages in the Ceksyn area in which Remus family members in the early 1800's. These families were settling in the area from either the Okiersk mill area. Most of the church records for these family members reside in Ceksyn if Catholic and Tuchel if Lutheran.

Click here for the descendents of Andreas Remus and Marie Zaremba. This family includes Matthias Denczyh and Anna Remus of Alt Summin. Click here for the descendents of Paul Remus and Veronica Zmich. This family includes Andreas Remus and Anna Ziolowska of Summin. Many families in this group still remain in the area. For example, Jan Remus in Ceksyn.

Here is a picture of that village atop a hill:


And here is a map of the area including Alt Summin:

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November 9, 2006