Tempelburg, Kreis Danziger Höhe, West Prussia 



The manorial estate in Tempelburg (now Krzyzowniki) was acquired by the Rotzoll family of Rotzellen. It is in Kreis Danziger Höhe and the estate is a few kilometers west of Danzig in West Prussia; it was in the Wonneberg Lutheran parish. Above is a picture of that estate house (gut).

The gut at Tempelburg was initially owned by Christian Friedrich Rotzoll (29.08.1765 - 18.11.1843) who was a son of Andreas Georg Rotzoll and Anna Margarete Remus of Rotzellen. After Christian Friedrich’s death, the estate was inherited by his nephew Herrmann Gotthilf Friedrich Rotzoll (27.12.1810 - 08.02.1876).

In August 2013 I received an interesting note from architectural student Agnieszka Knas of Gdansk University of Technology who was researching this home.

Agnieszka provided this information on the history of this building.  First the Teutonic Knights gave this property to the Bock family prior to 1500. From 1520 it belonged to the Brandes family (a family of administrators and judges in Danzig) and later to the Schwartzenwald family. Then the Rotzoll family acquired it in the early part of the 19th century.

From 1883 it was state owned and in 1933 it became a general school for Tempelburg. It was an elementary school from 1948 and a barracks for militia from 1972. And in 2004 it again became a school. Here is a picture of it:

The front end of the building clearly matches the older picture above.


I have yet to visit this estate but it is on my 2014 Trip to Poland village list.



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August 28, 2013