Bankowo (Bakowo), Kreis Schwetz, West Prussia

Bankowo (Bakowo) is a manorial farm owned by the Polish Noble Hutten-Czapski family who also owned Bukowitz (Bukowice) (and possibly Heinricksdorf). The nearby village of Czaple provides the source for the Hutten-Czapski family name.

My interest in this manorial farm is because Franz Remus lived here as shown by the 1772 land census as follows:

Reimus, Frantz Bankau Neuenburg 18113082 6041 305 2152

Franz is living with his wife and one daughter under 12. Frantz Reimus is listed as a "Dorfkathen". I think this is day laborer. So Franz probably worked on this manorial farm and had a small taxable piece of land nearby.

I have not found Franz at this estate but Martin Remus did work here at the Mill; click here for that short genealogy.

The estate house in Bankowo is now an orphanage and the barns still remain. Here are pictures:

 Here is the location of this estate:


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July 17, 2008