1880 Census for Kandiyohi & Monogalia County MN
1900 US Census for Fieldon dis 262
1900 US Census for MN
1900 US Census for Odin MN dist 266
1911 SK Census for Langenburg page 11
Adella Cooper 8/22/99
Anders Carlson's obituary in Willmar Weekly Tribune 17 April 1907
Axel Sandborg's obituary in the Butterfield Advocate 4 july 1945
Book A - Deaths in Morris MB
Christine Carlson's Obituary in the New London Times April 13 1905
Email from Violet Brudelie
From "Taryn L. Stewart" <>
Hannah Lundgren Obituary in the Madelia Times Messenger may 1 1896
Lebanon Lutheran Church 100th Anniversary Booklet
Lungren Olson Wedding article in the Morris 7/3/1909
Obituary in Morris Tribune 8/20/1904
Obituary in the Butterfield Advocate Sept 5, 1946 page 1
Rich Remus <>
This is the date on their Marriage Certificate
Walter Carlson's obituary in Willmar Weekly Tribune in October 1985

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