The Genealogy of the Rem (Rehm) Family of Augsburg

In his book "Deutsche Sippennamen" (German clan names), Albert Heinze attributes Rehm to the gothic ragin which means to stand out, to protrude, to rule. He then assumes that Remus is the latinized form of the name Rehm; that is, take Rehm and add the Latin suffix us (an ending usually given to a male person or noun). There are records of people in the Augsburg area using the name the family name Rehm in the 1300's and the family Remus in the early 1500's. This data base is a listing of those people.

The Remus Family of West Prussia probably originated in Saxony and/or Augsburg prior to 1500. During the 1500 and 1600's, there were Remus Family members in Neumark (modern Poland north of Poznan). By 1700, the Remus Family had entered West Prussia (modern Poland between Poznan and Gdansk). In West Prussia, family members were mostly farmers but were also village heads (schultz) and millers.

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(This group includes the almost complete village of Romansdorf).


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